Bishop Anthony

Rt. Rev. Anthony (Edmund E. Kubiak) Belleville, IL

Bishop Anthony was born in St. Louis, Missouri and spent his formative years in Florissant, Missouri. He graduated from St. Louis Preparatory Seminary High School (North) (now St. Louis Preparatory Seminary.) After his mother died his father remarried and the family moved to Chesterfield, Missouri.

Bishop Anthony entered Cardinal Glennon College, the minor Roman Catholic seminary. After two years of study, he decided to leave and pursue a teaching degree at the University of Missouri at St. Louis but left the program when he realized it was not the right place for him.

He began working for the St. Louis County Library System, first as a page, then as desk staff. In 1978 he was asked to join the music cataloging staff; he has held this job since. In 1980 he met Mr. William T. Alley who was the music director at Signal Hill Lutheran Church and he joined their choir and in 1984 graduated to being their cantor. He held this position until Mr. Alley’s death in 1989.

While Bishop Anthony has no formal degree, he has continued to do extensive reading on church history, theology, and philosophy with minor readings in dogma and rubrics. After having left his cantoring position he began attending other churches, finally settling on the Old Catholic Church. His longing to minster as a priest had continued through all this time and he considered studying with the Old Catholic Church, but found that to continue studying he would need to move to in Chicago. Looking for a closer option, he joined the Charismatic Catholic Mission See of America, which eventually became the Charismatic Christian Catholic Church (now defunct). He was ordained first a priest and then later as a bishop.

In 1999 he decided to leave the jurisdiction and was invited by Archbishop Alfred Lankenau to join the Orthodox-Catholic Church of America. He has been with them since.

He serves as the Secretary to the Synod of bishops and most recently served as locom tenens after Bishop Peter's retirement and through the election of Archbishop Paul.



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