Churches in Communion

Communities in Full Communion with the OCCA:

Catholic Apostolic Church in North America (CACINA)
Bishop Michael Theogene, is the presiding bishop

American Orthodox Church
+Bp Stephen-Anthony (Gunsallus) of Mora and Las Vegas
Archimandrite Fr. Gabriel (Talley) of Holy Protection of the Theotokos Skete Holy Resurrection Chapel Albuquerque, NM

Email: Fr. Gabriel

St. John's Management Group AOCCA: A Therapeutic Orthodox Catholic Chaplaincy
International Conference of Police Chaplains
American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysts
The Christian Legal Society
Fr. Dr. Richard Ward, Practicing Medical Hypnoanalyst

Caribbean Orthodox Catholic Church
Bishop Wisler Marcelus, COCC Caribbean Diocese.

Progressive Episcopal Church
Bishop Francesca Fortunato, Diocese of the Northeast.

American Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church
Metropolitan Archbishop Vladimir II.  
Email: AOCAC

Progressive Catholic Church PCC