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The Members of the Holy Synod of the OCCA

Right Reverend (Mgr) Gregorios Mboa Pem Andre
Right Reverend (Dom) Jorge Dos Santos Costa
Right Reverend (Mar) Stephen F. Duncan
Right Reverend Anthony (Edmund E. Kubiak)
Right Reverend John F. Newbauer
Right Reverend Elizabeth (Lynn E. Walker)

Clergy of the OCCA in alphabetical order with the bishop whose stole the are under:
(Click for list of clergy by location)

Rt. Rev. Athanasius (Francis Fontenot); St Martinville, LA. (Bishop Stephen)

Rev. Robert Aitchison; Springwood, Queensland, Australia (Bishop Stephen)

Rev. Susan Auvinen, Lakewood, WA (Bishop Elizabeth)

V. Rev. Martin Baskin; Fort Worth, TX (Bishop Anthony)
Email: no email

Rt. Rev. James J. Brigl; Fort Wayne, IN (Bishop John)
(Also serves as a bishop for Catholic Diocese of the One Spirit)

V. Rev. Michael R. Cabler; Los Angeles, CA (Bishop Stephen)
Email: V. Rev. Richard Cleaver; St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands (Bishop Elizabeth)

Rt. Rev. Jorge Dos Santos Costa; Salvador, Brazil

Rt. Rev. Stephen F. Duncan; Galveston, TX
Synod Email:
Chapel of Holy Wisdom

Rev. Michael S. Green; Alton, IL (Bishop Anthony)

Rev. Roy Hollis; Houston, TX (Bishop Stephen)

Rev. Janna Dorothy Huss Ward (Bishop Elizabeth)

Br. Michael T. Kierpiec; Chicago, IL (Bishop Stephen)

Rt. Rev. David Kotajarvi; Green Bay (Bishop John)

Rt. Rev. Anthony (Edmund E. Kubiak); Ellisville, MO
Synod Email:

Rev. Raphael Leh; Albuquerque, NM (Bishop Elizabeth)

Rev. Barry Lillis; Niagara Falls, NY (Bishop Elizabeth)

Rev. Phil L. Loveless; San Diego, CA (Bishop John)

Rt. Rev. Betty McManus; Butzbach-Maibach Hessen, Germany (Bishop John)

Rev. Ross McCrory; Suffolk, England, UK (Bishop Stephen)

Rev. Matyas (Louis) Molnar; Toronto, Canada (Bishop Stephen)
Orthodox Community of the Holy Phoenix

Rev. James Neal; Enid OK (Bishop John)

Rt. Rev. John F. Newbauer; Fort Wayne, IN
St. Mary Magdala's Church and Spiritual Center

Rev. Cyril Owambo; Middletown, NY (Bishop Elizabeth)

Rev. Timothy Parish; Poulbo, WA (Bishop John)

Rev. William A. Payne; Pachuca. Hidalgo, Mexico (Bishop Stephen)
Capilla Epifania (Chapel of the Epiphany)

Rev. Armantina R. Pelaez; Fairview, NJ (Bishop Elizabeth)

V. Rev. Clifford J. Polubinsky Fort Wayne, IN (Bishop John)
St. Mary Magdala's Church and Spiritual Center

Rev. Gary Rasponi; Madison, AL (Bishop John)

Rev. Deacon Jose R. Romero; Orlando, FL (Bishop John)

Rev. Mother Charlene Rorick; New Haven, IN (Bishop John)
St. Mary Magdala's Church and Spiritual Center

Rt. Rev. Michael Sherbert Seward, NE (Bishop Elizabeth)
(Also serves as bishop for the Progressive Episcopal Church)



Rev. Father Carl E. Sinyard, Dallas, TX (Bishop Stephen)

Rev. Onam (Chip) Smith Daytona Beach, FL (Bishop Elizabeth)

Rev. Jorge dos Santos Costa Souza (Bishop Jorge)

V. Rev. Giles Spoonhour; Garrison , NY (Bishop Elizabeth)

Rev. Thomas P. Stapleford, Mercersburg, PA (Bishop Stephen)

Rev. Fred Tondalo, Wallingford, CT (Bishop Stephen)

Rev. Father Roger W. Vaughn, Yonkers, NY (Bishop John)

Rt. Rev. Andrew Vitale, Loves Park, IL (Bishop John )

Rt. Rev. Elizabeth (Lynn E. Walker); New York, NY
Synod Email:
St. John of Kronstadt Center

Rev. David Constantine Wright; Athens, GA (Bishop Stephen)

Rev. John A. Yoegel; Greenwich, CT (Bishop Elizabeth)

Rt. Rev. Peter (Robert Zahrt); Fort Wayne, IN (retired archbishop) (Bishop John)

Clergy in the African Dioceses of Cameroon and Nigeria may be contacted through their local bishops listed below.

Bishops and the Clergy Assigned to Their Care

Bishop Gregorios (Mboua Pem Andre)
skype mgrdemetrios
Tel 00237 699.80.65.46
Box.Postal 1199 Yaounde Cameroon

Mar Stephen

Bishop Jorge Costa
Diocese Catolic Ortodoxa de Todos Santos OCCA (Salvador, Bahia, Brazil)

Mar Stephen

Bishop Stephen F. Duncan
(also responsible for those beyond the continental USA)

Rev. Robert Aitchison Springwood, Queensland, Australia
V. Rev. Michael R. Cabler, Los Angeles, CA
Br. Michael Kierpiec, Chicago, IL
Rev. Matyas (Louis) Molnar Toronto, Canada
Rev. William A. Payne Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico
Rev. Carl E. Sinyard Dallas, TX
Rev. Thomas Stapleford, Mercersburg, PA
Rev. Fred Tondalo, Wallingford, CT
Rev. David Constantine Wright, Athens, GA

Bishop Anthony

Bishop Anthony (Edmund Kubiak)
(also Secretary to the Synod)

V. Rev. Martin Baskin Fort Worth, TX
Rev. Michael S. Green Alton, IL

Bishop John

Bishop John F. Newbauer
(also responsible for formation)

Rev. James Brigl Ft. Wayne, IN
Rt. Rev. David Kotajarvi Green Bay, WI
Rev. Phil L. Loveless San Diego, CA
Rt. Rev. Betty McManus, Hessen, Germany
V. Rev. Clifford J. Polubinsky, Fort Wayne, IN

Rev. Gary Rasponi, Madison, AL
Rev. Deacon Jose R. Romero, Orlando FL
Rev. Charlene Rorick New Haven, IN
Rev. Andrew Vitale Loves Park, IL
Rt. Rev. Peter (Robert Zahrt) Fort Wayne, retired archbishop IN

Bishop Elizabeth

Bishop Elizabeth (Lynn E. Walker)
(also responsible for monastics)

Rt. Rev. Skylar Jordan Campbell Punta Gorda, FL
V. Rev. Richard Cleaver St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Rev. Craig Dunn Ashtabul, OH
Rev. Raphael Leh, Albuquerque, NM
Rev. Barry Lillis Niagra Falls, NY
Rev. Cyril Owambo Middletown, NY
Rev. Michael Sherbert Seward, NE
Rev. Onam (Chip) Smith Cape Coral, FL
V. Rev. Giles Spoonhour Garrison, NY
Rev. John A. Yoegel Greenwich, CT

Communities in Full Communion with the OCCA:

Catholic Apostolic Church in North America (CACINA)
Bishop Michael Theogene, is the presiding bishop

American Orthodox Church
+Bp Stephen-Anthony (Gunsallus) of Mora and Las Vegas
Archimandrite Fr. Gabriel (Talley) of Holy Protection of the Theotokos Skete Holy Resurrection Chapel Albuquerque, NM

Email: Fr. Gabriel

St. John's Management Group AOCCA: A Therapeutic Orthodox Catholic Chaplaincy
International Conference of Police Chaplains
American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysts
The Christian Legal Society
Fr. Dr. Richard Ward, Practicing Medical Hypnoanalyst

Caribbean Orthodox Catholic Church
Bishop Wisler Marcelus, COCC Caribbean Diocese.

American Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church
Metropolitan Archbishop Vladimir II.  
Email: AOCAC

Progressive Catholic Church PCC

If you have general questions you can email us at