Vocations in OCCA

The three-fold gift of Orders (Deacon, Presbyter, Bishop) upheld in our Orthodox jurisdiction exists in the Church for the sake of order, to serve the baptismal priesthood and to plunge believers again and again into the Holy Mysteries, the maddening multiplicity of ways in which the Holy Spirit breathes the Truth of the Gospel, and the life of Christ in Us and through us for the life of the world. In fact, the diversity within ordained ministry exists to resonate and ratify the immense diversity of gifts among God's people, gifts that are given to us all for the sake of building up the Body of Christ and God's Kingdom. The clergy like clay has been, so to speak, remolded and reshaped down through the ages by the Holy Spirit for the life and mission of the Church. Today this clay is again willing to be shaped and molded anew.